Wine Making Class: Week 4 – Making Table Wine, Refractometer, and Wine & Cheese Pairing

It’s Week 4….only 2 more weeks to go!

If you missed any of the following weeks, please check them out…Week 1, Week 2, Week 3

Making Table Wine

This week we made a Table Wine….What is Table Wine you ask? According to Wikipedia the term primarily designates a wine style – ordinary wine which is neither fortified nor sparkling.

Our Table Wine consisted of Table Grapes, lots and lots of them. However, since we are wine makers we had to add some extra flavor. So, we added a can of Zinfandel Blush concentrate and a can of Blueberry Puree. This should make for an interesting wine!



We also learned about the refractometer and how to use it. For wine makers a refractometer is a tool used to check the brix content of grapes or other fruit. In other words, it measures the sugar content. Sugar content is important, because it is what makes the alcohol content with wine. This may sound similar to the hydrometer; however the refractometer is used to take a very small sample of the fruits juice in order to gauge if the fruit is ripe or too ripe. Whereas, the hydrometer is used to take a bigger sample after all the juice has be squeezed from the grapes or fruit.


Wine & Cheese Pairing

Every class we have wine tastings, but this class one of the students brought in cheese to pair along with our wines.

The Wines:

  • 2014 Black Spanish Grape Wine (Made by a student)
  • 2014 Elderberry Wine (Made by a student) – My 2nd Favorite
  • 2009 Smythe & Renfield Pinot Noir
  • 2011 The Scribbler Cabernet Sauvignon & Shiraz
  • 2014 Forefathers Sauvignon Blanc – My Favorite
  • 2013 Yalumba Viognier Eden Valley
  • 2014 Bruno Collection Cardinal Cranberry Wine

The Cheeses:

  • Saint Angel Triple Creme –  My Favorite
  • Murray’s Welsh Cheddar
  • Urray’s Raw Milk Boerenkaa Gouda (10 Month Aged)
  • No Woman Jerk – My 2nd Favorite
  • Murray’s Smokehouse Blue