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Ari (Arielle) is a wine enthusiast who is inspired by the Art of Wine!

After ton’s of research, I finally decided to not only drink wine, but also make it. This blog is my journey to making wine, recommending wine, and simply providing information about wine.

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  1. Hi Ari… yes I do like your blog and your posts, visually nice and your crisp and natural writing makes it very interesting. As you can guess i am not a smooth english writer however I am very fond of your subject, I grow up in precarious wine cellars where every September we used to gather together as a big family and making wine without any use of any formal knowledge, the only machinery available it was an hand turned grape-crashers (I am just making up the name because I do not even know the name of it) But we had the Elderly that with their experience use to guide us in the art of making a good wine with what it was available. I am really looking forward to follow you and perhaps learning something new.
    I only hope you are not sponsor by big corporation.
    All the best Claudio.
    Ps sorry about my english but I have not even doubled checked my spelling…

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    • Hi Mister C…Your English is perfectly fine! Thanks a bunch for the compliment!!! No, I’m not sponsored by anyone, but myself 🙂 It’s great to hear that other people enjoy reading about my passion. I look forward to checking out your blog post as well!!!

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