Wine Making: Bottling & Labeling


My first batch of wine was complete just in time for my mom’s 60th Birthday Bash!!!

After 2 months, my Country Wine was finally ready for bottling (Link to Recipe).

Pre-Bottling Prep & Sweetening:

  • I added 1/2 tsp of stabilizer to ensure fermentation was complete 24 hrs before adding sugar. Otherwise, your wine could begin fermenting again.
  • I then added 1 cup of sugar (simple syrup mixture for easy dissolving)


I cleaned and sanitized my bottles and cap corks with sodium metabisulfite before siphoning the wine.


After siphoning the wine into each bottle and adding the cap cork it was time to add the PVC shrink caps


I used the hair dryer method, which took forever….I will be using the boiling water method next time!



I really wanted to find a label that was water proof and reusable. After doing some research I found the Avery 22827 label, which met all my criteria. Plus the Avery website has a Design & Print Online tool, which I used to make my Mom’s 60th Birthday Bash labels.

As you can see in the initial pictures, the labels are submerged in ice and water and the labels are not smearing or coming off the bottles (This label is a Winner!!!).

Ultimately, the bottling & labeling went extremely well for this to be my first batch!


One of my next post will be a Wine Review on my own wine : )

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