Wine Review: Presidential White Porto


What a lovely surprise! I was in the dessert wine section and came across a White Porto. I don’t know about you, but this was my first time ever seeing it as a white wine. So, of course I had to get it.

Color: Golden

Smell: Fruity, floral, with a hint of oak

Taste: Sweet, but not as sweet as it’s red counter part. Rich, full body, fruity vanilla

Food Pairings: I like contrast, so I paired it with Smoked Gouda

Prices: $13.99

I absolutely loved the Presidential White Porto. It pleasantly exceeded my expectation. It gives you that bold port taste with less sweetness and a smooth finish.

3 thoughts on “Wine Review: Presidential White Porto

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  2. You wrote above: Taste: Sweet, but not as sweet as it’s red counter part. Rich, full body, fruity vanilla
    Please check your grammar – when I see grammatical errors I wonder about the correctness of other information:
    “it’s” is a contraction for “it is” – if the “it is” cannot be substituted, it is not correct
    “its” is the adjective, which should be used here.
    I know lots of people make this mistake, but there is no reason for it.


    • Girl bye… I am glad you are perfect and make no grammatical errors; however this is not the first and won’t be the last. My blog is not meant to be a grammer guide, it’s meant to be a resource for individuals who love wine and would like to learn how to make it. It is a pure passion of mine, so if you are passionate about grammar, make a blog about it! Don’t comment on others with unsolicited grammatical feedback.


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