Wine Review: Water 2 Wine (Ice Wine)


Thanks to my husband, I had an amazing wine class and tasting experience at Water 2 Wine for Valentine’s Day. They make a long list of wines in house from grape varietals around the world. Additionally, they allow individuals to create custom batches of wine. Price range from $14.95 to $25.95 per bottle and $365 and up for a batch of wine (aprox. 28 bottles).


The class consisted of a tour of the facility, wine education, food pairing and wine tasting… lots and lots of it. I tasted a total of 17 wines. My favorite being the ice wine

Water 2 Wine Ice Wine Review:

Appearance – A slightly golden rose hue

Aroma – fresh and fruity

Taste – Sweet, crisp, fruity with hints of berries, leaves a outstanding grape aftertaste which lingers

Pairing – This is a dessert wine, pair it with chocolates or if you like contrast, try it with a smoked gouda

Price – $25.95 per bottle

Also, the Peach Apricot Chardonnay & Cranberry Chianti were pretty good too!

Since Water 2 Wine wines are fairly young, they use a magnet aging method that adds 6 months of aging for ever 30 minutes a bottle is on the magnet.


I had never heard of this method before, so it was very interesting. I may try it on some of my homemade wines

All in all the experience was great, so if you’re ever in Houston, TX check them out (!


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